Názor spoločnosti sa rokmi vyformoval tak, že za atraktívne ženy sa považujú zásadne tie štíhle, občas priam vychudnuté. Zabudnite na podobný názor, každá žena má v sebe kus atraktivity, ženskosti, hoci má pár kíl navyše a nehanbí sa za to! Jednou takouto dámou je „plus size“ modelka Iskra Lawrence.

Do voza aj do koča, do fitka aj mekáču. Taká je Iskra Lawrence.

✨💙 its impossible to represent everyone, as a model I feel I have a responsibility to do my best & keep it real. We are all human, those "flaws" society told us we have aren't "flaws" at all but our individual beautiful markings. You won't see me promoting tea detoxs or anything that I don't actually use or wear or believe in. I am NOT an Instagram model and do not earn a living off it. I post because I hope to grow my platform to share my experiences and hopefully help other girls that are going through what I went through. Thank you So much to all of you who support me I appreciate every single one of you…Any hate I receive does not affect me because I now know beauty is more than skin deep and we are all more than our bodies and I hope that anyone who's struggling out there can believe their self worth is NOT based on other peoples or societies opinion of beauty. That you are beautiful because you are YOU🙌🏻✨💕 also forget to mention I made 5 vids for @shape_magazine about body confidence workout & what I eat if you wanna check em out👆🏼link is in my bio👆🏼 #iskralawrence #everyBODYisbeautiful

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Foto: instagram, jagmodels.com


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